We bought Ricky and Lucy last year from Harris Frenches  and now a year later wanted to show them off. They are wonderful pets. You can’t go wrong buying pups from these folks…they stand behind the sale. Make sure to get the Doctor Pup with your purchase just in case you need him…he is awesome!


Hello ,

I àm sorry for not getting in touch sooner! But I do think of you often! We must say that Dixie Is an excellent dog and we have been having à lot of good words from the vêt and trainer as they think she had excellent care before hand seeing how easy she Is! So thank you for that!  She has à clean Bill of health and has taken 5 pounds already! The kids get along fabulously and she loves the! I only have good words for you two ! Hère are some pictures...she may be easy but hates the camera!

Mélanie, Patrick, Dominik and Emma      Quebec, Canada


Hi Harris,

it’s an amazing feeling when I walk into the house and I’m in the mud room and the puppies can’t even see me but they know Mom’s home.  They start screaming and it’s a feeling that is just so great.  The babies were all running in the kitchen and each one has their own unique little way that just makes you love them so much. Weenie jumps like he’s doing jumping jacks, Lexy does circles, Teenie cries, Godiva turns her head to the side and howls at me.


Acquiring Toby was a win/win deal.  The transaction was simple and Toby was as cute as his online photo.  What started out as my 13 year old daughter's dog has turned into a family bonding experience.  I am so glad we decided to purchase him. It was a pleasure dealing with Linda.  She was informative and easy going.  We are now the proud owners of a great breed of dog.


Sincerest thanks,


The Hayden Family     Sedalia, MO

In Loving Memory of Chloe

When we bought Chloe from you guys and  she was just about 3 months old.  She wasn't a little puppy, quite a little chunk in fact, but oh how we fell in love with her. We were her first family and I was going to spoil her rotten with love, toys, treats and a large pillow to sleep on.  Chloe was going to grow up with Haley our 19 month old daughter just as I had grown-up with Millicent, a miniature schnauzer too that had been in my family for 15 years.  Chloe became one of the family and always within reach of Haley.


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